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Located on 550 acres in Okeechobee, Florida, Lakefront Estates will feature 1000 homes, 300 multi family units, 800,000 sqf of commercial space, a waterfront, and a rim front for boating.

Less than an hour and a half from Boca, Palm Beach, and Orlando, the town will have its own schools, stores, and other amenities of community life, allowing this beautiful new community to develop.

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Building a development of this size is one thing, building a beautiful chassidish community within it, that is quite another. Here is how we’re doing it.

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Building a thriving new community is a huge responsibility. Entire families and their finances are at risk. Many factors have to work out, and a hefty dose of belief in Hashem is needed for such an undertaking to be a practical success.

After much discussion and deliberation with leaders and supporters of this development, this community will be appropriate for your family in all aspects.

~ Va’ad Harabanim

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A Vibrant Community of Values

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