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  • Zero state income tax
  • Lower property tax
  • Government funding towards tuition
  • Government grants for businesses
  • Affordability/Value
  • It’s centrally located, halfway between Miami and Orlando
  • It has enough acreage with continuous room for growth for years to come. We see that this won’t be a self-contained project and our hope/vision is that this will grow into a new community center for living.

The development is located in Glades County near Lake Okeechobee, FL. Within a 15-minute drive, there is a local shopping district with major chain stores such as Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart, Home Depot etc. The nearest cities are:

  • West palm beach – approximately one hour away
  • Miami- approximately one hour and forty minutes away
  • Orlando- approximately one and a half hours away
  • Tampa – approximately two hours away
  • Palm Beach International Airport – approximately one hour away
  • It is being planned and structured with strong & proper guidance from Rabbanim
  • It is backed by reliable investors to ensure economic stability & community growth
  • It is being designed, constructed, and built by Jewish developers to cater to the community’s needs
  • The community will not open until there are 150 committed families, and the moised/school is all set up
  • The first 150 families will have more options/flexibility in terms of floor plan layout and home choice
  • Homes will be sold according to reservation #
  • Given that this is a new community, opportunities abound for establishing businesses
  • Phase 1 is almost full

There will be a Va’ad Hakehillas that will work directly with the Va’ad Harabonim. They will be overseeing the:

  • Kashrus
  • Hechsherim
  • Mikvuas
  • Community Guidelines

Yes – the plan is to open with 150 families and to start a school and cheder right away.

The first moisad will be geared for Yiddish speaking families.

The plan is to start a yeshiva katana as soon as there are enough bochurim enrolled which we are projecting should be with the first 150 families.

There is a voucher program that covers approx $7,000 for each child annually. For more information, you can visit:


You need to be income-eligible in order to get into the program. The income limits go up with every child, (for example, a family of five can get approved for around $150,000 annually).

There will be a consulting team that will accept job and business applications.

They will offer guidance and support for those that are seeking a new job or to open a new business.

There will be an 800,000 sqf shopping center and commercial space in the front of the development.

There is a list of established stores, brands and businesses that have already inquired about relocating to this development.

The investors are looking to have an established grocery from a big chain store that will open in the development.

There will be a full-fledged medical center with services including:

  • Adult and Pediatric doctors
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Women health center

There is a local hospital 18 minutes away. They plan to expand as our community grows to be able to fully accommodate the needs of the new community.

There is a well-established hospital, located 50 minutes away.

The investors have arranged for a fully stocked Hatzolah Garage to be set up so it can begin operating right away.

There are also plans to create Chaverim and Shomrim organizations.

We are waiting to get final pricing from our builder and the prices for the homes will follow as soon as we can lock in the cost. Please note we are attempting to keep all costs down as this is the main purpose of the entire project. The homes are divided in 4 categories:

Jade – This house type is between 1882 – 2123 square feet depending on the model type

Emerald – This house type is between 2943 – 3282 square feet depending on the model type

Azure – This house type is between 3286 – 5172 square feet depending on the model type

Sapphire – This luxury villa is 5370 square feet

All lots have the room for a pool option. The sapphire home comes with a pool included and all other homes have the option of a pool add on.

All the houses are self standing, fully detached, except for the Duplex which is semi-attached.

Every house will come with private space in the front and the back.

The Duplex can be divided into a two-family home for rental income. There is further discussion to add some multi-family as well.

It depends on each person. This needs to be further discussed with your mortgage broker.

The exact fee will be calculated at the closing of the contract on your property.

This fee will cover all the community expenses such as garbage and public services.

This depends on the individual, and needs to be further discussed with your mortgage broker.

In this area, it can typically be as low as 5% down.

Florida hurricane code does not allow for building underground, therefore the houses do not come with basements or lower levels.

We included attics for that reason, to accommodate the need for space.

This is not a supply/demand business. The goal is to create affordable housing for the community.

However, the prices will depend on inflation rates at your time of purchase.

The construction process is very quick in this area so as soon as phase one is fully sold, we will start with phase two construction.

The humidity level is only between 70 to 80 percent in the summer since it’s not located so close to the ocean.

It is not located in a hurricane zone.

Lakefront Estates will have its own beautiful kosher supermarket for the community.

There will be a Simcha hall in the school building, for weddings and other events.

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